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Mortgage protection is the most popular insurance that a new homeowner secures because a lot of times when a person buys a house, they go into debt. If the breadwinner in the family dies with debt that is not favorable financially for the rest of the family.

Most new homeowners think about buying mortgage protection because they don't want to leave their family burdened. They do want to leave their family a financial legacy in form of a life insurance payment that covers the amount of the mortgage in case of their death or disability. The coverage amounts involved never go down with mortgage protection and the insurance never goes up. It is a level premium payment and it's a level face amount.
Mortgage Protection
There are some available riders on a policy. There are some accelerated death benefit riders, so if something happens to the client, and they have a terminal illness or something unfortunate, they can accelerate it with a chronic critical or terminal illness. This means they get a percentage of the face amount.
They can secure a family health benefit rider where something crazy happens to the person’s house. There is a way they can write a check for common carrier accidental death benefit rider that means the amount can double in the total amount, and if the insured dies in an accident then the accidental death actually lets the common carrier pay up to two times the amount and then the accidental death rider doubles it. There is also a waiver premium disability income rider is accident only. This is an important thing, so if the proposed insured gets disabled in an accident, then they the insurance carrier doesn't let them or doesn't make them make premium payments for two years so the writer provides a monthly benefit for up to two years if the insured becomes totally disabled with 180 days of accidental bodily injury or sickness.
With mortgage protection, the key thing is it is by far the most popular coverage for new homeowners. Typically, people go into debt then buy a mortgage protection policy so they don't leave debt for their family and their house is paid off so that's one less financial worry that the family has in the event of a death of the proposed insured. Foresters Strong Foundation is the main product we offer for people seeking this type of coverage.
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